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Meridian Audio deliver sound experiences that go beyond the ordinary. In 2023 Meridian launched two new and exciting products: the DSP8000 XE and the DSP9 Loudspeakers. Based on our knowledge of the products, technologies, and the passion that the Meridian team share, it was the perfect opportunity to give the website product pages a gentle refresh. Not only to allow us to demonstrate the outstanding features of the new speakers, unlimited options, but also to make the website inclusive for all users.

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Project details


In 2023 Meridian was bringing two new products to market. The Flagship DSP8000 XE and the first of a new range of reference speakers - the DSP9 - which has emerged from Meridian’s groundbreaking Extreme Engineering Programme. This is the result of years of investment and research at the extreme edge of audio design.

This was the ideal moment to revitalise the product pages and introduce enhanced CMS controls that illustrate the abilities of each product, reflecting the approach Meridian takes.


Working with the Meridian team, the goal was to extend the pages as far as possible without having to completely restructure the CMS to support them. Together we identified key elements that we wanted to include across the site:

Short clips of films which automatically play (along with giving the user the choice of pausing the footage and having sound or not).

360 controls that let a user spin a product (featuring a progress line to show you your position).

The ability to choose any colour of paint finish and demonstrate it in a realistic way, illustrating that any paint colour and finish can be chosen by the purchaser.

A condensed panel that shows all of the technologies together, but also allows linking to more in depth pages on each technology.

All product materials, specification and imagery condensed into a concertina control.

The inclusion of AccessiBe across the site (which allows everyone to enjoy the site, regardless of any visual impairments, through a streamlined accessibility control allowing users to modify the site to their ability whilst complying with ADA and WCAG guidelines).


The results are product pages that bring each new product to life.

The pages have been condensed in length whilst offering more content to every user type. A customer can now use the controls on the fly to adjust the colour of the speakers to match their taste or décor and will soon be able to select between a gloss or matt finish.

Short film clips provide a feeling of grandeur mirroring the products. A customer can browse and download all of the product documentation as well as viewing an array of product images and closeups.

Working with Meridian we have again successfully evolve the website to better represent the direction of the business, illustrate its technological know-how and highlight the partnerships with major brands.

The new product pages launched in September 2023.

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Project Details

We recently unveiled DSP9, our latest loudspeaker featuring a revolutionary cabinet aesthetic. Recognising the pivotal role our website plays in all marketing efforts, we sought a page design that would truly do justice to this exciting new product. The team at Igentics proved to be invaluable collaborators, surpassing our expectations and infusing a burst of creativity into the project. Their contribution went beyond mere design — they introduced ingenious concepts, such as a dynamic colour selector and an immersive 360-degree rotational view, enhancing the overall user experience.

Katy Bradshaw, Director of Marketing

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