Meridian Audio

The art of perfect sound reproduction.

Meridian Audio create moments that bring people together and forge shared connections. The deep intake of breath of a sixties soul singer. The whirring drone of a helicopter overhead. The heaving intensity of a festival. The delicate intricacies of an orchestra. Meridian deliver sound experiences that go beyond the ordinary and suspend reality. Working with Meridian we have helped them to evolve the website presence to better represent the direction of the business and illustrate its technological know how and partnerships with major brands.

  • IA, UX and workshops
  • Concepts & Design
  • Responsive framework
  • Web design
  • Web architecture
  • Web development and build
  • Configuration and database integration
  • Brand development and implementation
  • Content management system
  • Project management
  • Analysis and reporting
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Project details


The Meridian website needed to change to better represent the evolution of the business. The focus was no longer solely based on the products it produces, but the products and technology they have created and brought to the world. These technologies and their benefits are now being shared and enjoyed by multiple major brand partnerships to deliver a perfect sound reproduction regardless of listening environment.


We went back to basics and looked at all of the content which was on the existing site and the core functionality that needed to remain in place (self service, dealer customer databases, product catalogues and registrations). We then coupled this with a new structure that allowed us to tell the story of the Meridian brand as you journeyed through the website. The aim was to always give the user somewhere to go with clear, meaningful and relevant actions. Technologies now have dedicated pages where you can learn about their application in different environments. Film, iconography, imagery and 360° product views are used throughout to vary the pace and interest of pages.


A updated website experience that matches both the aspirations of the brand and its evolved business strategy of sharing its intellectual property with like minded brands. A set of adaptable templates and controls have been created giving the internal team the freedom to expand the website when needed. The success of our framework can clearly be seen through the new client generated page for the ‘Halo’ DSP8000 XE Loudspeaker, which was launched 10 days after the new site went live.

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2880X1800 Meridianaudio Headerimage 01
2880X1800 Meridianaudio Headerimage 02

Project details

“The new website is the next stage in our online ambitions, successfully re positioning Meridian Audio to appeal to both existing and new markets. This project has been the latest result of a long term relationship and collaborative process between Meridian Audio and Igentics, and has delivered a website that not only looks fantastic but that will support us and our ambitions for the future.”

Katy Bradshaw, Director of Marketing, Meridian Audio Ltd

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