Bottled Wild Irish Natural Mineral Water.

Clouds gather over the Atlantic sea and are carried east by the Gulf Stream, upon hitting land, rain precipitates over green fields in Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, the home of Ballygowan. Each drop embarks on a remarkable 750 year journey through mineral-rich limestone, where it eventually joins a lively underground aquifer of refreshing water, deep within the Irish land. Thanks to the 750 year journey made by every drop, Ballygowan has a unique mineral profile - low in sodium and with a uniquely refreshing taste. Working with Ballygowan we have created a website presence to deliver the story and journey of this natural mineral water.

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Project details


Ballygowan approached us with the opportunity to redevelop the existing website having created it with us several years ago. They needed a new experience to reflect their position as Ireland’s number 1 bottled water, but with a mission to become Irelands most sustainable bottled water. The aim was to maintain their position, in order to do that the brand had undergone a relaunch to establish new positioning, identity, packaging and communication. Our task was to reflect this new strategy and appearance through the website.


We looked at all of the strong characteristics of the new identity and picked out the core components that we could bring to life on the website. We focussed on the powerful, emotive imagery and brand films, but complimented them with the textural elements of the brand and logo by using torn/rough edges for content and imagery boxes and by also using the hand drawn elements to underline headings and define content backgrounds. Cut out transparent products and landscape imagery and video are combined to provide a real sense of place and pride. These are then anchored to the page background to create a sense of movement as the gradient overlay colours move over them as you scroll.


The result is a powerful website with a real sense of place and pride in the environment that creates the product. All of the brand identity elements work in harmony with the offline materials and help to continue the brand journey whilst adding a few additional touches to bring it to life. The site has been created so that all of the page templates and controls are fully adaptable to allow additional pages and sections to be added at will by the Ballygowan team to coincide with any marketing campaigns.

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