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Science & Innovation report 2020/2021 promotional materials.

The BAT Science: Science & Innovation Report showcases their latest scientific research into new category products and puts the spotlight on the world-class scientists who are accelerating their transformation. It also looks to the future as we move into bold new areas and expand our portfolio beyond nicotine.

  • Concepts & Design
  • Storyboards, animations and visual assets
  • Brand development and implementation
  • Project management
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Project details


Published every two years, the Science & Innovation Report is a significant body of work that needed to reach its target audience of scientists and journalists. BAT Science needed a set of promotional materials to grab attention through various marketing channels and social media.


Our solution was to create a set of static materials that utilised the look and feel of the report, which could be used internally across a wide range of platforms to introduce the report to the wider team. Alongside this we created two short animations for use across social media to promote the report. We utilised existing video footage and brought it to life through moving graphics that mirrored the report.


The result are a fantastic set of supporting materials bring the report to life, promoting the audience to discover more and download the report.

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Project details

“Igentics captured the essence of our Science & Innovation Report and really brought the look and feel to life in the promo materials. As usual, their creative concepts were excellent and we were spoilt for choice! They helped us to deliver with impact."

Joanna Hunt, Digital Communications Manager, Business Communications & Sustainability, BAT Science

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