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Explaining the science behind new technology.

BAT Science’s Research & Development programme has seen enormous changes over the recent years, and they have been creating, developing and innovating new products to bring to the market. Our role has been to bring these technologies to life through animation and explain the scientific differences behind each new product development. Illustrating how the technologies work, through a consistent approach to both the language, terminology and visual aesthetic of the products to create a suite of short films.

  • Concepts & Design
  • Storyboards, animations and visual assets 
  • Brand development and implementation 
  • Project management
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Project details


Each product is uniquely different in how it works and the science behind each technology is tricky to describe. BAT Science needed a series of animations to illustrate how each new product and technology works: ePod and ePen are both vapour products that contain no tobacco and Glo™ heats tobacco rather than burning it producing an aerosol that is much less harmful than a cigarette.


Our solution was to fully understand the science behind each product and the differences to allow us to be able to create a series of short films that are easy to understand, whilst being informative enough for any audience. Each film is fast paced and accurately illustrates all of the details behind the science. Once the models and renders have been created we use the output for not only the films, but for product 360°, and static images to bring each device to life across all mediums.


Our approach has been unified across all of the products and over the years we have created a full suite of both product animations and the sciences behind each of them. By delivering both these films and the website we have ensured that the return on investment is utilised as much as possible.

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Project details

“The series of animations helped to bring our technology and science to life. The aim was to make this complex information simple, accessible and engaging, and Igentics certainly helped us achieve that."

Joanna Hunt, Digital Communications Manager, Business Communications & Sustainability, BAT Science

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