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Unlocking the potential of the old gaol, to reconnect Ely Museum with its audience.

The origins of Ely Museum can be traced back to 1849, when it first opened as a museum in the gaol. Ely Museums purpose is to develop, safeguard, interpret and make accessible collections, which they hold in trust for the community past, present and future to encourage public engagement and enjoyment of the history of the Isle of Ely and the Fens.

  • Brand identity workshops
  • Brand positioning and strategy
  • Concepts & Design
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand attributes and assets
  • Brand development and implementation
  • Signage design, procurement and installation
  • Project management
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Project details


As part of a £2.2 million redevelopment of the museum and expansion of its collections, supported by the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the museum needed to be realigned to better connect with its audience and unlock the potential that the old gaol building offered.


Our solution was to create a new brand identity that spoke of its location in the heart of the fens, represented through a device that illustrated the surroundings of the museum: fields, dykes, reeds and the ship of the fens Ely Cathedral. A hand drawn logo was crafted into a woodcut illustration and suitably matched to a classic but easily readable logotype.


The result is a logo which speaks of its location to visiting tourists, but also offers something which locals can be proud of. All of the signage works together as a unified solution on the exterior of the building to guide visitors to the main entrance, whilst informing of upcoming events. Once inside the branding is paired back to be purely functional in guiding visitors around the museum, whilst remaining on brand.

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Project details

“Working with Igentics to create our new brand identity was a really enjoyable process, involving our whole team. We are really proud of our branding now and feel it really captures who we are.”

Elie Hughes, Museum Curator, Ely Museum

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